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  • I can never find anything to suit my shape. How do I know you can?
    During our initial consultation I will collect your upper body and bottom measurements. They will give me an idea of your shape. You will be one of main four body shapes: pear, apple, hourglass, rectangle or strawberry. Most people are a mixture of at least 2 shapes and that’s Ok. Don’t forget I have clients of all shapes and sizes and finding the right clothes for your shape is my expertise. I suggest that you read the lovely testimonials from my clients. You will be pleasantly surprised to see what we will achieve together within short period of time.
  • How does wardrobe makeover works?
    When I arrive to your house, I will ask you to show me the clothes that you want help with first, the clothes that you love or don’t know how to style. Then we’ll work on mixing and matching them with some accessories. I’ll take photos of you in the outfits we style, so that you can access anytime the pieces and looks we have created. At first you’re going to feel awkward. Please feel comfortable as you will discover the fun with experimenting different clothes together and you will learn from it. I’ll ask you questions and you’ll need to make a quick decisions on what to keep what to discard etc. I’ll help you to embrace a whole new wardrobe. Please check the testimonials from my lovely clients.
  • How much money do I have to spend on clothes?
    It all depends on your budget and store preferences. It's more about making the most of what you've already got than encouraging you to spend money. However, my clients are often missing classic items in their wardrobe. Please also remember if I'm shopping for you I don't make any money on the clothes I buy and any discount that I receive I pass directly on to you. I've worked with clients with limited budgets as well as big spenders where money is no object. I can accommodate any budgets.
  • Can I book a service without an initial consultation?
    It is extremely important for me to get to know my clients before I begin styling because this is how I get the best results. My initial consultation is completely FREE, so why don’t you take advantage of it and ask me your questions and allow me to get to know your style too. I need to get as detailed information from you before I start sourcing clothing for your new style.
  • How does online styling work?
    Online styling (virtual styling) is done via Zoom app and starts with designing your signature style. It is preferred wehn my clients live far and still would like me to coach them or style them. Zoom app is fantastic, it records the whole session, so all my style tips to you will be captured and not lostyou can dip and out and remember every style tip I give you during our session. You'll get all the benefits of working with me in person. This includes an outfit review session and body shape analysis too. I will ask you to place your mobile phone to a location where I can see your clothes/wardrobe. This can be a windowsill, a tripod etc. Then we will have a conversation as if I am right beside you. It is an easy and efficient way of styling you if you lack time or if you live live in another city or country.

Gulbin Style Studio

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