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When I work with each client, I build long lasting relationship. As an Image Coach and Personal Stylist I am passionate about styling and I care about what my clients think. Don't just take my word for it. I believe my clients say it best, here is what they think of my services ...

Smona Badella.jpeg

Gulbin and I had an informative and fun Body shape analysis and wardrobe re-style session in my house.

I like black, brown and grey with only few colourful items. I didn't know my body shape and always struggle buying the right items for me.  Gulbin explained to me how she does body shape analysis and quickly established that I am pear shape. She taught me how to enhance the best parts of my figure, how to dress with purpose and how to draw attention to my best assets and enhance them.

After our session I realized how much dark colours were aging me and didn't really flatter my complexion.
From Gulbin I learnt all the wrong colours that I should avoid, how to wear the right colours that enhance my look. She also focused on power of accessorizing, creating a complete 'Look', buying the right size (which I certainly got wrong all these years!). I am now super confident in my clothes choices and often get compliments.

Thank you so much Gulbin!!! I loved our session together and will recommend you to all my colleagues and friends. Black is now banned for me and today I bought an orange dress.​

Customer Service Team leader



Honestly I can’t thank Gulbin enough for her styling services, giving me the perfect wardrobe edit and styling me with clothes I hadn’t worn in my wardrobe for years. With such a busy life, I don’t have time to coordinate my outfits and think about matching up my clothes and shoes, I get stuck in a rut and end up wearing the same things to work and when going out I keep buying new things or I buy stuff for the sake of it, instead of making use of what I have.


Like for example I bought minx color boots 2 years ago, I fell in love with the color and style. I was thinking frilly skirts big hair the Sarah Jessica Parker look I never managed to wear them, anyone else have a wild imagination when shopping? So I told  Gulbin my love for these boots so she pulled everything out my cupboard and she found a pleated skirt I bought in April, that I haven’t worn with still its price tag on!. This is all simply because I don’t have time to coordinate or think about my outfits. I will admit I am a shopaholic and I definitely love retail therapy, definitely feel better after shopping.

I had over 10 items that I bought in the last year with tags still on them. Ladies ... if this sounds familiar to you, get in touch with Gulbin she is fantastic at her job. You can see the lookbook she has created for me in her instagram account. Thank you for your help Gulbin, I can’t wait to try all the 30 outfits you created for me. 

Fitness Instructor



Gulbin is so knowledgeable! She really knows her stuff when it comes to styling. She helped me a lot with styling my dresses and finding new ways of wearing them which I'd never thought of before. She always has a smile on her face and was fantastic to work with. I loved her creative side and her bubbly personality. I would highly recommend her services if you are in need of a personal stylist.

We focused on detoxing my wardrobe. Thanks to Gulbin I got rid of so many dark colour dresses that I never wear and no longer suit me. Gulbin showed me how to accessorize my jumpsuits and dresses and add that missing POP of colour. I really enjoyed myself and am already feeling more confident with my outfit choices. Gulbin also helped with jewelry and finding necklaces that I’d find easier to put on due to my Cerebral Palsy. 

Photographer, blogger, speaker



 I had a wardrobe re-style session with Gulbin and honestly it really was an eye opener. I would encourage you to go for it as Gulbin is absolutely amazing at this! I wanted to modernise and up-style my wadrobe. Due to my job I am at public eye most of the time. I have long working days sometimes 14 hours on my feet. Then I have evening meetings and don't have time to go home and get changed. Gulbin showed me how I could up-style some of my dresses and carry them from day to night. 


I have loads of colourful dresses. The traditional blazer that I put aside as too drab and formal, were not too bad after all.  She made me realize that I can actually have bright coloured ones and don't need to stay away from them. With Gulbin's help, I have learnt how to create formal looks mixing and matching my existing dresses and blazers. It was really interesting to see how all these colours come together.

She also showed me how to introduce the 3rd colour.  Which naturally I don't tend to do it as I'm quite a 'matchy-matchy' woman.  It was interesting to learn today that everything doesn't have to be matchy-matchy to be pleasant to the eye especially in terms of colours. It was a wonderful, very creative session. You know what you need? a wardrobe re-style with Gulbin.

Area manager



I hired Gulbin for a wardrobe re-style session. She was very quick to understand my needs and my fears! She created stylish looks for me from my own wardrobe that I did not dare to wear before. She has saved me a fortune, time and stress too. She has prepared a lookbook for me so now I don't think of what to wear every morning! As a mum of two young children it's a life saver for me! It’s been a lot of fun along the way too. Thanks Gulbin for being a good listener, and such a good Image Consultant.

Before my session with Gulbin, I completely avoided skirts, belts, and scared of colours! which is very limiting for a professional woman. Now, thanks to our session with Gulbin I feel like I am re-discovering my wardrobe! I wear my clothes in different ways, and certainly gained more confidence in my figure and style. I always used to think I did not have enough clothes, however, now I know that I have more than enough.

I highly recommend Gulbin as a professional stylist. My experience with Gulbin was wonderful and certainly added value to my life. Now I can think of more of variety of styles that I can wear, and I understand my body shape better.

Technology Transfer Manager


natalie roukin.jpeg

I had chance to listen to Gulbin at 'Dress for Success' Workshop aimed at us Mum Entrepreneurs and I am impressed with all the top tips she has provided to us in the room. And in this day and age, what you wear it is a key factor, I learnt many hints and tips from Gulbin.  I now look at my current wardrobe, and see how many different ways I could wear them. When shopping always think ‘how versatile is this piece’?

I always think on how I can give the outfit a different look using shoes/boots, earrings, belts & bags. Gulbin made it very clear that it’s all about presentation! Clothes should be clean, ironed, shoes/boots clean. Hair should be clean/brushed, use dry-shampoo if don’t have time, sleek back or in a high ponytail (need to show you are taking care of yourself!) And finally, she told us to wear what makes us happy 😃
It all seems self-explanatory when you read it, but in the midst of school run, rushing out the door, working before even leaving the house - we forget to give ourselves that time to think and as they say, first impressions last!

If you’d like to know more, or want to chat to Gulbin about your wardrobe dilemmas- she does offer a free 30 minute consultation over the phone. And obviously a whole host of super services which could really change your story! Feel free to get in touch...

Interior Designer



I'm a full-time executive with 2 kids under the age of 5. I'm a quite busy person so I arranged a 2 hrs Online Styling. Gulbin was amazing and so efficient! We have connected through an app called Zoom something like Whatsapp, or facetime. The beauty of this app though is that Gulbin recorded our whole session and now I can refer to it back and forth and watch it again to refresh my memory on Gulbin's great styling tips!

Gulbin made me prop my mobile phone on a desk facing me. Then she asked me to bring all the dresses that I previously bought but never managed to wear as I either thought they didn't suit me, or simply I didn't know how to style. I showed each item and sometimes she made me wear them on. 

We went through each outfit, all the time Gulbin asking me if I had a certain accessory, shoe, or bag in my wardrobe that could compliment it. She truly jogged my memory and I found stuff that I never thought of using before. To me it was a proper coaching session. I just loved finding out what can be done with the clothes I have with a little tweaking here and there and, most importantly, knowing what suits my shape and colouring.

Thank you so much Gulbin. What a phenomenal, efficient use of time!!! While talking to my husband about the day, I realised that what you’ve done is given me the confidence that I can look good; although I put on weight during my recent pregnancy. Wonderfully liberating wardrobe edit with unknown territory and new ideas to explore.

Business Manager


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